Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Brand a Zombie

Shopping malls are wastelands.Wasted time.Wasted money.Wasted people.I made my way through the wasteland. There were zombies everywhere. All around me, as far as the eye could see, zombies. But these zombies don't crave flesh, they crave fashion.The status quo doesn't come cheap.I was surrounded by hungry zombies.Hungry to hunt.Hungry to spend.Hungry to fit in.And starving for the status quo.Zombies and cattle have a lot in common.They look alike.They talk alike.They dress alike.And they're all branded.Zombies and cattle, they just want to fit in.There were cages all around me. The cages were made of glass. I could see zombies inside the cages. They were ferocious. They were spending money they didn't have. They were spending money that wasn't theirs. They were spending inside of prisons. And their prisons were made of glass. And I stood there, watching them.As I stared at the feeding frenzy through the glass, I saw them behind me in the reflection. They were all around me. And they were getting closer.The zombies had taken over. And their numbers were growing.I stepped inside the prison to escape.There were labels inside the prison. Labels and price tags. They were on everything. They were on everyone. All of the zombies wore labels. All of the labels had price tags.All of the zombies were labeled with brands. All of the zombies were branded

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